Oto Lab offers 2.000,00 square meters of space on two levels and lends itself to hosting different types of events.

The ground floor is characterized by white walls and large windows overlooking the river, a space that is glamorous, versatile and very functional.

The first floor showcases the “authentical Oto Lab industrial soul”, thanks to the skillful conservative intervention that has enhanced the decades of history of the building. The signs of time and the particular way in which the spaces are linked give charm and uniqueness to the location, which is also suitable for hosting artistic performances and any kind of installation.

Ground floor

Oto Lab event space in Lecco
  • Space A – 170 sqm completely renovated

  • Space B – 407 sqm – bridge crane

  • Space C – 70 sqm – separate space

  • Space D – 490 sqm

First floor

  • Space E – 141 sqm

  • Space F – 240 sqm

  • Space G – 350 sqm

Services available

Oto Lab access with vehicles to the structure

Access to the structure for vehicles for loading / unloading operations

Oto Lab separate catering area

Separate catering area

Oto Lab  spaces for heated events

Heating (on the first floor and in one room on the second floor)

Oto Lab basic industrial style set-ups

Basic industrial style set-ups

Services on request

Organization and logistics

Administrative services

Catering and entertainment

Special setting design

Audio and light service

Shuttle bus service connecting to the nearby parking areas

Oto Lab Event space to hire  in Lecco